artxstasy studio

A sustainable, contemporary and comprehensive Architecture practice, based in Greater Noida. 
At ArtXstasy, we specialise in building, interior, lighting, landscape, furniture and rehabilitative design, among many fields. 



We, at ArtXstasy, believe in designing with the climate, planning the spaces, and building elements, keeping in mind the local solar radiation, paths of the sun, wind direction and speeds, yearly weather, and local building materials. Along with passive, naturally efficient design strategies, we intend to reduce operative costs through active strategies of energy efficiency with the use of solar, geothermal, wind energy, among a few.

We believe in the power of spaces to induce human emotions and affect the quality of life. We keep in mind and respect human psychology and individualism for a better design and living experience for each one of our clients.


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F/10, Swarn Plaza, 

Swarn Nagri, Greater Noida - 201315

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