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Play with forms: Cottage Design for Dalai Lama

My first-year, introductory design project in Architecture school entailed studying a renowned/celebrity figure and creating a mood-board for the chosen personality. On the basis of this analysis, we were required to design a holiday cottage for the person chosen. I'm not sure I remember why I chose Dalai Lama, but I do remember being glad that my choice necessitated me to incorporate nature and humble design philosophies as much as possible.

Using natural curves and accidental crossings of the simple shapes, I formulated a plan for the humble abode, creating interior spaces through the intersection of various circles, making them seem connected yet private. With its green roofs and green surroundings, the retreat seems to rise out of the ground, with its soft curves and surfaces.

Even as a junior in architecture school, I had started to develop my sensitivity towards nature, and the pure love for it early on. As an architect, I cherish those core values and like to create spaces that respect and embrace the natural surroundings, bridging the gap between the built and the natural, green spaces.

It only seemed fitting that the first post on this page be about my initiation into Architecture school.

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